The Team

The Team

By Martin Lee
19 September
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2nd XV Vice Skipper Keelan Tullett is the latest in the hot seat.

What made you join WRFC?
Just how welcoming and friendly the club was, considering I have never played before. Everyone made an effort to introduce themselves and they are all now really good mates.

And more importantly, what made you stay?
The social side of the club - off the pitch everything is so relaxed and we can throw one hell of a party.

What’s been your favourite moment on the pitch so far?
Definitely the final whistle when we beat Chesham in the semi final of the county cup last year. The team spirit was amazing that day and the crowd were unbelievable.

And off it?
Would have to be every time we are in the con club with a few beers after a match, playing games and sharing a drink.

Who’s the best player you’ve played with or against?
Best player would have to be Sam Holloway. His tackling / running is ridiculously strong - I feel sorry for anyone who tries to tackle him.

Which player would you least want to be stuck in a lift with?
Pie. His nonstop farting and burping are intolerable.

And the person who’s company you would crave the most in such a situation?
It would have to be Beesy - he would turn the whole thing into a joke.

One thing you would change about the club….?
Personally, there's nothing I would change about the club.

And finally, the best thing about WRFC is?
The best thing about WRFC is how welcoming the club is to new players and how social everyone is. I would recommend our club to anyone.

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