President's Lunch

President's Lunch

By Martin Lee
5th March 2018
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Snow may have halted Saturday's home double-header, but it certainly didn't stop the President's Lunch!

Words from John Franklin

I must say the day went great, most people made it to the Lunch including one ex player hiking five miles just to get a train to Watford... No regard for himself, head down into the blizzard. I don't know how he got home or if he got home. The meal was very nice with leak and potato soup to start, half a chicken the size of half a turkey for main, boiled spuds and broccoli being cooked to perfection, the carrots unfortunately being like bullets. I was in fear of my life when Pie attempted to cut into one that took off at the speed of light, nearly taking Martin's eye out. To finish a lovely lemon tart with ice cream .

Plenty of wine to drink with the lunch, with Dev setting the trend and donating his raffle prize of a bottle of Port to the table. A very nice finishing touch

As the drinks flowed and the day moved to night, the club entertainers came out.
We had a rendition of swing low in Punjabi By Dev Malle, followed by Micky Barlow with Toothache.

Just a few thank you's to finish off.

Gary Bridge stepping in with 20 minutes notice to deliver a speech in the absence of Dennis our President.
Martin Lee A top table speaker if ever I heard one stepping in for our first team captain.
Pie With Six weeks notice to write a speech and finally speaking from the cuff on the day, not to bad at all.
Bill Stanton being fine master. What a superb job he did.
Also not for getting Dave Ainsley for his help.
Finally thank you to Ryan, Paul and staff, for their hard work in making it a successful day.

A Big Happy Birthday to Mr Doug Barnes, 74 years old on the day - congratulations.

And a big thank you to Sue Menzies for being our Lady of the day.

Please don't forget Old boys Lunch in October, date to follow.

Note: any old boy contacts you have, please pass their details onto Dave or myself so we can include them in the future.

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